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Kerui culture

Ke rui concept:

Quality is the first leading technology credibility first

Ke rui spirit:

Novel design manufacturing quality service integrity

Ke rui mission:

Provides the omni-directional service for the customer

An army, a family, a school

Like an army team: strict discipline, prevents this;Brave fearless, dedicated.

Group: like family harmony warmth, solidarity, care about each other, support each other,

As to the school organization: create a learning atmosphere, efforts to improve yourself, to social frontier;Learning to be, the good faith practical, enterprising dedication.Sets up the branch sheng enterprise image.


Chengdu branch sheng heat exchanger co., LTD. Identification of detoxification

The main title: made up of three leaves

Circular spiral represents: converting KESEN cycle to sheng transliteration of English

Description of the main icon: gas can be representative of the orange on the blue water, into the green environmental protection, clean and comfortable energy.This is accomplished by KESEN heat exchanger.

The ICONS below to: chengdu sheng heat exchanger co., LTD. Company name in both Chinese and English.

Kerui concept - joint efforts

Sheng's development, growth and long-term needs love common participation and dedication, we will be the basis of mutual respect, mutual understanding and mutual trust, full of hardships together cultivation and the joy of harvest time.

Branch sheng team not only needs to have a high-level, high-quality operating personnel, scientific and technological personnel and management personnel, at the same time also requires us to have a common value system.

Sheng enterprise culture is open, inclusive!Glue the staff unity and cooperation, to the road of group struggle.With this platform, your ingenuity can very good play, and achievement!

Sheng concept - optimization innovation

"Experts? You want to do first start from the grassroots!"I hope you can have the courage to accept challenges, public unwieldy to move forward, may touch head, but not through hardships, why success!

Opportunities are always equal, opportunity prefer steadfast worker, success won't refuse every preparation and hard work.

Have the ability to produce high quality products, we make up a missed lesson stuck in the past, filled with the status quo!How to lead the industry advanced level, how to establish the quality strategy system, how the product is more close to the value engineering and cost savings, is each branch sheng people always need to consider the problem.

Sheng concept - in the long run

The pros and cons of prosperity lies in enterprise management, management is culture.Enterprise will eventually run by winning, winning development to culture to win!

We aim to create first-class hardware material culture, system culture of justice, people-oriented spirit of culture.

Material resources will be exhausted, only culture can.Expect branch sheng people are able to maintain our set up enterprise culture, make the competitiveness of the enterprises have not copy!